Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sitecore.ePubStudio. Taking control over ePub books creation.

I just finished working on ePub generation functionality in one of my projects. The outcome turned out to be pretty interesting. Judge for yourself: https://github.com/jcore/Sitecore.ePubStudio


A tool that allows you to create ePub files using Sitecore content. You'll find this studio to be very similar in implementation to Sitecore APS Module. Indeed APS allows you to go very granular on what content to use and where in generating PDF. Unfortunately, I didn't find a way to simply extend APS to generate different output format. This tool allows you to generate book structure and html within each chapter.
The code has been tested only with Sitecore 7 and some templates use new Sitecore 7 fields. Application I was creating it for is an MVC one, hence Sitecore.Mvc.dll reference in the project.
It also depends on DotNetEpub library (https://github.com/gonzoua/DotNetEpub) which I found to be a very lean and working nicely.

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